April - November

Herbal Studies Course


8-Month Training in herbalism

Holistic wild herbs and medicinal herb studies – the roots of healing and prevention gain the knowledge of traditional medicine and modern science. This training is intended for people working in the healing professions (such as alternative practitioners, nutritionists, chefs, educators, teachers, etc.) and wellness professions, as well as for anyone interested in plants for personal or other reasons.

Additional experts will be invited as guest lecturers.

Course content

  • Botany and plant systematics
  • Alternative medicine and modern science
  • The nature of plants
  • Herbal walks to identify wild plants, bushes and trees in all seasons and in various ecosystems
  • Preparation of herbal remedies and cosmetics
  • Wild foods! How to prepare natural culinary delights and integrate “weeds“ into your everyday life
  • Magic and spirit of plants
  • Medicinal and wild herbs, trees and roots -music, precious stones and symbols

Outline of training

The course contents will be taught holistically (body, mind und soul) in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. Observing, encountering and classifying medicinal and wild herbs, bushes and trees in the annual cycle in order to obtain knowledge and become in tune with oneself and nature.

Encounter plants with different senses; perceive, feel and experience them. Curious?

I would love to accompany you on this exciting path!
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